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1st Year Junior Church Curriculum
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T hru the Bible! In the 1st Year of this Curriculum, you and your students will travel from the book of Genesis through the book of Ruth.
  • 1st Quarter -- The first quarter covers Genesis 1 - 11, the true story of the beginning of the universe, the Earth, man, . . . and mules! You will meet Adam, Eve, the first volunteer, Noah, and the two mules on Noah’s Ark. Your understanding of Genesis 1-11 will never be the same again!
  • 2nd Quarter -- The second quarter covers Genesis 12 - 50. You will meet the patriarchs -- Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. You’ll be traveling from the ancient city of Ur, to the land of Canaan, to a prison and a palace in the grand empire of Egypt.
  • 3rd Quarter -- The third quarter covers Exodus - Deuteronomy. You will travel with Moses’ mule, Jethro, from Midian to the far country of Egypt. Jethro will escape from Egypt with Moses and millions of other people and animals. You will then travel with Moses and Jethro to Mt. Sinai, throughout the Wilderness Wanderings, all the way to the doorstep of the Promised Land.
  • 4th Quarter -- The fourth quarter covers Joshua, Judges, and Ruth. You and your students will learn how Joshua conquered the Promised Land and how the judges tried to rally the troops to hold on to the Promised Land. You will meet intriguing Bible characters such as Rahab, Achan, Caleb, Deborah, Gideon, Samson, and Ruth.

1st Quarter
1st Quarter
2nd Quarter
2nd Quarter
3rd Quarter
3rd Quarter
4th Quarter
4th Quarter

Click here for an overview of the 1st Quarter lessons. Want to see a sample lesson? Download "Paradise Lost . . . and Found." (PDF size=576 kb)

M usic-Driven! Children love lively music, and one of the best ways to teach God's Word to children is through music. "101 Songs Thru the Bible with Boot the Mule," each song written by Christian Attorney Terry Lee Hamilton, will delight as well as instruct children of all ages.

CD The Curriculum Notebook for each quarter includes a CD with all of the songs accompanying the 13 lessons. The CD contains each song sung by vocalists with the accompaniment. Also on the CD is an instrumental version of each song to be used if you do not have a piano player. Here is a list of the 1st Quarter songs.
Songbook The Curriculum also includes a bound volume of the sheet music for each year. Volume 1 for the 1st Year (84 pages) includes 32 songs. You can view the sheet music for one of the 1st Year songs entitled Before the Beginning Began to Begin.

Puppet-Driven! Every week you will have a visit from Boot the Mule, Oscar the Pig, or Smithfield the Swine. In addition, we introduce the following Bible-based critters in the 1st Year of the Curriculum.
  • George the Mule -- the first volunteer with Adam and Eve
  • Stubbornway -- a stubborn mule on Noah’s Ark
  • Mrs. Mule -- this mule saved the day on Noah’s Ark
  • Brimstone the Mule -- traveling with Abraham and Isaac, Brimstone was willing to sacrifice his life for another
  • Banjo the Benjamin Mule -- Benjamin’s mule that traveled with him to Egypt
  • Jethro the Midian Mule - this mule helped lead Moses into and out of Egypt
  • The Talking Mule -- the most famous mule in history opened up the eyes of the prophet Balaam
  • Jerry the Jericho Mule -- As the only surviving animal in Jericho, Jerry learned to stand up alone against peer pressure
  • Samson’s Mule -- Samson was nothing until he met a mul

Puppets and Stage
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