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Daily Devotional & Bible Reading Schedule

The BAPTIST BREAD is continuing to have an impact in the lives of God's people around the world. We are humbled and grateful to have a daily voice in the homes of Christian families and their devotional lives.

This little booklet of meditations for the 21st Century Christian is determined to be a daily reminder of the importance of God in our lives and a source of influence for truth, righteousness, and old-time holy living. It is meant to be an encouragement and a provocation to godliness and faithful Christian service. May the Lord bless you as you peruse its pages daily.

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All messages now podcasted at iTunes

Last update 29 November 2006

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Last update 29 November 2006

information about the Baptist Bread, an excellent daily devotional & Bible reading schedule published bi-monthly. You can order a subscription using the online order form in pdf.

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