1,611 Bible Reasons for

Why We Say,

What We Say!

By Danny C. Doege

A Soul Winner's handbook of 1,611 often heard conversational phrases and sayings. These expressions come directly from the Bible and can be used to initiate an 'ON THE SPOT WITNESS' for the Lord Jesus Christ. This book can be used anytime, anywhere, with almost anyone, and gives the reader the ability to show the individual why he says what he says and where in the Bible he has said it from.

This book is written in the same order as the Holy Bible (Genesis - Revelation), and because of that, it seemed impossible to place a standard contents page in it that would have helped you find the sayings on a per page basis (it would have had 66 chapters).

This book is written for the honor and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ without whom nothing would be written by anyone, anywhere, ever. Colossians 1:16,17


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