Frustration, As A Weapon

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Americans live in the greatest nation in history. We have the best government, the best health care, the best economy. Yet in spite of these manifold blessings American are horrendously frustrated. Why? How can we have it so good and be so very unhappy?

To get the answer you must understand how frustration occurs. It is a simple process that always works. The process goes like this:

1. Give someone an achievable goal to reach.
2. Prevent them from achieving it.
3. Castigate them for failing to reach such an achievable goal.

The end result of this simple process is frustration and it manifests itself like this:

1. Hopelessness that you will ever attain your desired goal.
2. Anger at the person/people who prevent you from attaining it.
3. Corruption of your morals.
4. Revenge on your tormentors in the form of decreased productivity and even sabotage.

Before the forces that hate America could use frustration on us nationally it had to be test run on large groups to "fine tune" the process. There were two groups chosen for the test.

Test # 1 The Military

During the Vietnam War our troops were subjected to the process above in order to frustrate them to see what the result would be. They were:

1. Given an achievable goal. Win the war.
They were prevented from this by unrealistic rules such as patrolling with no rounds in their weapons, pilots who couldn't bomb SAM missile sites unless they had already fired at them, taking then giving up then retaking the same territory over and over again, etc.
3. They were castigated, mostly by the News Mafia, for not winning the war and painted as dope heads and baby killers.

The result? Frustration!

1. They gave up on any hope of winning the war.
2. They grew bitter at our government.
3. They corrupted themselves through drugs.
4. They wrought revenge through the "fragging" of officers and sabotage.

Test # 2 Local Police Forces

1. They were given an achievable goal. Stop crime and keep the peace.
They were prevented from achieving their goal through crooked lawyers and phony civil rights charges.
3. They were castigated, again by the News Mafia, for not attaining their goal.

The result? Frustration!

1. They gave up on any hope of stopping crime and keeping the peace.
2. They grew bitter at law enforcement officials.
3. Many ( Not all Please don't think "all") became corrupt, taking bribes, etc.
4. They took out their frustration on the common citizens rather than criminals.

Test # 3 "Firing for Effect"

Now the process was perfected and ready to be used on its intended victims, the citizens of the United!

1. We have been given an achievable goal. Attain the "American Dream".
2. We are prevented from attaining it through oppressive environmental laws, codes, etc.
Yet we are continually assaulted by the News Mafia that our water is no good, our society is corrupt, our health care and social security are worthless, our products are inferior and multitudes more of the fictitious shortcomings of our country.

What has been our response. The only one we could have, FRUSTRATION!

We've given up ever attaining our dreams, grown bitter at anyone in authority and corrupted ourselves through hedonistic lifestyles.

Did you get it yet? Your frustration is not an accident! It is the result of a carefully executed plan to steal your joy, hope and peace. The News Mafia has been a willing accomplice.

So what can you do to overcome the effects of this process that is being forced upon you even as you read this? The cure for your frustration is twofold:

First you need to realize that according to 1 Tim 6:8 all you need to be content is food and clothing! Now you should go through your household and inventory everything that you can't eat or wear. If it isn't food or raiment it is a luxury and a gift from God! Then, why don't you get down on your knees and thank God for every luxury He has given you. Why don't you sit down and realize that you already have achieved the "American Dream"!?

Quit looking at your country through the hyper-critical eyes of a hate-filled News Media and instead think of how good our medical care is; our economy, our standard of living. Look at the multitude of blessings you simply would not enjoy if you lived in any other country. Why don't you try thanking God again?

Second, you are going to have to train yourself to mentally reject all of the negative reports from your TV, radio and printed news sources. The next time you see or hear some "investigative report" on the "crooked" mechanic down the street, your incompetent doctor, or some new worry you are going to have to say, "I refuse to believe or accept this. I've got it good!"

If you don't you will continue on your frustrated way until your TV set finally forces you to give up completely and you surrender your morals to the "I may as well just feed my flesh till I die." philosophy. You will get more and more and enjoy it less and less.

But if you can overcome the News Mafia's propaganda you will finally bring yourself some "peace-of-mind". Also, you will deny the News Mafia a victory that they are working so hard to attain. Hey! Maybe you'll even be able to frustrate them!

Now why don't you go and start your inventory?!

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