Y2K! The End Is Here!

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That’s right. One way or another "the end" is here. January 1, 2000 may be "the end of life as we know it." If not, at least it will be the end of the Y2K hysteria. So, one way or another, "the end is here".

If it’s as bad as it has been predicted then I want you to know that your life is about to change radically. There will be road blocks of armed thugs who will rob and kill you without remorse. You will not leave your house to go to work because your neighbor may come by and kill your wife and steal your food while you’re gone. You are going to learn the real meaning of words that the rest of the world lives with daily, "terror", "trauma", "survival". Your home won’t be safe and soon, neither will your "bunker." You will have to shoot to kill friends, family and fellow church members who come seeking food and refuse to take "No." for an answer. Many of you will be killed. Many will go insane when you see the brutal end of your pampered American lifestyle. It will be the culmination of a life of missed opportunities.

Many of you lived in the richest, greatest, most benevolent nation in history and yet you never took advantage of it. You griped about it. You cursed it. You even hoped for God’s judgement on it as though you thought you would be immune to its effects. Now you have what you wanted. A broken America. You and every devil who sabotaged it should be satisfied. You deserve this judgement as much as any queer or atheist.

If you never took your wife out to eat and enjoyed her company in a romantic setting you deserve Y2K! If you were too busy or too tight to take your family to enjoy Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon or some other wonder of America then that opportunity is gone forever. If you never took your family on a picnic you were too busy with things of less importance. Now you’ll never have that opportunity again.

God was kind to you in letting you live here and you tried to make it as miserable an experience as you could. Now you’re going to find out what real misery is! We both may be dead a month after you read this. But there will be a difference. One of us lived and the other just griped and whined and did nothing. One of us enjoyed his wife, his family, his country. The other manufactured his own martyrdom.

You’d better PRAY that they were wrong about Y2K! You’d better pray that God gives you another chance to enjoy the great country that He graciously placed you in. And if He does, you’d better grab your wife by the hand and enjoy His grace as you should have before. And remember that now you have another chance to serve Him properly too!