It's Just Gas

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We have all noticed the "slight rise" in gas prices lately. Although everyone likes to blame the petroleum industry, the plot goes far deeper than that. It is far more than just some greedy businessmen gouging the average American. (Three industries that you will never see a federal investigation into are the oil industry, the insurance industry and the news industry.) The prime movers are liberals who hate the mobility of the average American. They want to make travel an expensive luxury that the average American can no longer afford. They want your car, not your money! Thus the rise in gas prices.

The second goal of the Liberal Prime-Movers (LPM) is to undercut the influence the Bible has on American society. The Bible is decidedly pro-Israel and pro-Christian. The millionaires who run the News Industry are decidedly against both. By convincing Americans that they cannot live without Arab oil the LPMs can warn Americans to soften their support for Israel and tone down any anti-Muslim warnings from Christians. Like any addict, Americans empty another syringe of Arab oil into their arms and, in the News Industry induced stupor, nod in agreement to the need for "tolerance" of a religion whose greatest virtue is how many people it can kill with one bomb.

Do you know how much of our oil we import from Saudi Arabia? A mere 7%. That's right. Only 7%. We get more than that from Venezuela! (10%) Why aren't we cow-towing to the Venezuelans? Because they're not Muslims! Promoting the Venezuelans won't accomplish the LPMs' agenda of eliminating America's support of Israel or of destroying Christianity's influence on American society. The LPMs have to keep Americans from ever being afraid of angering their Arab masters and losing their blessed petroleum narcotic. Americans must be trained to lick the shoes of all Muslims and reject any biblical warning as dangerous to national security.

To end America's mobility the LPMs promote higher gas prices, higher mileage figures from new cars and electric cars. They know that electric cars have no range. This will automatically limit American's travel. They also know that if every American switched to electric cars there wouldn't be enough electricity generated to recharge them. (Think! If we suffer "brown-outs now, what will happen when every vehicle needs to be plugged in to refuel?) Of course, when you are shackled to a car that needs $100 to recharge and then only gives you a 70 mile range the LPMs will still be sporting Mercedes-Benz's. (With chauffeurs, of course.)

The saddest thing about this "oil shortage" scam is that the answer is so simple that nothing as drastic as a national change to electric power needs to be performed. In fact, There are three independent answers. All in varying degrees of difficulty but none that are near the difficulty of a switch to electrics. Each would free us of dependence on any foreign oil.

1. Drill our reserves in Alaska. Did you know that we have more oil under Alaska than all of Saudi Arabia has? That's why the LPMs had a fraudulent "wilderness" declared in Alaska. To keep Americans from energy independence and keep us addicted to Muslim oil. George W. Bush said he would tap this national resource and free America. That's why the News Industry worked so hard to defeat him. By drilling our own wells we would have all the gas we need and not even have to alter our vehicles in any way.

2. Congress could mandate that all gas have 10% alcohol added. This alcohol could be made from crops that our own farmers would grow. This would make us energy-independent and give the struggling farming industry a needed shot-in-the-arm and reduce emissions. (All are things the LPMs are loath to do.) The fact is that in a pinch we could run our cars on pure alcohol! It would take a minimal alteration to the fuel system of our cars and would burn absolutely pollution free. Some will say that alcohol won't deliver the fuel mileage that gasoline will. Of course it won't! That's why we burn Gasoline. It's the most efficient energy source we have. But alcohol used in a full-sized car will deliver five times the range of a "Geo-sized" electric "closet."

3. If things really got bad we can change our vehicles over to burn natural gas with as minimum effort as it would take to change them to alcohol. We have an almost inexhaustible supply of natural gas. Mileage doesn't equal gas but pounds electric power to sand. Arab sand!

Of course the LPMs in government and the News Industry already know this. Don't you think that someone who thought up the idea of electric cars and the major investment of refueling stations didn't already think of this? Of course they have. That's why you'll NEVER see it promoted by the News Industry. Americans cannot be aloud to be free to travel. ("Give them more football before they wake up and start to think independently of TV news!") Don't think for a second that the LPMs in government and the News Industry really want you to be as free to travel as you are now. Aren't they the ones who keep imposing restrictions on our travel? "Wear your seatbelt...or else!, car pool, take the bus, stay home."

Once we were free of Arab oil our government would have no excuse for selling our most advanced weapons to a religious group who hates us. We could bring our soldiers home from the Gulf and Saddam Hussein could take all of Saudi Arabia...and drink the oil! Let the rest of the world defend the Saudi's if they want their oil. Why let our boys die to supply our European competitors with cheap oil?

Once free of Arab blackmail we could sell our advance weapons to our friends, Israel. Then we could quit restricting them from defending themselves against Arab terrorists. Let them take Saudi Arabia. We'll buy our oil from them!

Once free of Muslim intimidation and threats we would be able to quit kissing the hands of the Muslims in this country who openly display their hatred for it. Our LPM government could take the muzzle off of Christianity.

In other words...we'd be free! We would no longer live under oppression from a foreign power. We could travel anywhere, anytime and not worry about using up our fuel supply. America would independent instead of "inter-dependent."

"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" The mere thought of it sends the LPMs of the News Industry and our government into panic! They have been working so hard for decades to enslave us. We can't be allowed to slip free now! "Stop the drilling! Stop the thinking! Lick Allah's greasy hand and beg forgiveness for even the thought of freedom! Sell your car and buy a bike. But please. Please! Don't slip free of our grasp!"

What am I going to do? I'm going to pay the price and buy all the gas I can and travel as freely as I want just to show the LPMs that Americans are bigger than their slimy plots. We have always baffled them by our ability to adjust to things and go instead of curling up and whimpering. I just hate giving in to tyranny and treason. Even if it's in the White House.