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Ellen G. White Contradicts the Bible

Ellen G. White's Additions to the Holy Bible

Seventh-Day Adventist's Claims

Page 2

The Fate of Judas

Are Mrs. White’s Claims as Inspired as the Bible?

Ellen White on the Millennium

The 144,000


Proper Prayer Position

What about that BIG Bible?

Her False Vision About the Planets

Page 3

Top Embarrassing Statements of Ellen G. White

Self-Abuse (Masturbation)

Drinkning Tea is a Sin and can Cause Disease

Did Mrs. White Practice what she Preached on Diet?

Contradictory Testimonies on Pork

More Bible Contradictions

Ellen White and Failed Prophecies

Does Mrs. White Pass the Biblical Tests of a Prophet?

Page 4

The Arrest and Trial of Israel Dammon

Major Doctrinal Errors of Adventists

Compare Mormonism's Joseph Smith with Ellen White!


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