The Memoirs of P.P. Bliss
By D.W. Whittle

Who is P.P. Bliss? He's the songwriter for many of our beloved hymns, a friend and companion of D.L. Moody and others, a soul-winner, and he died at the age of 37 with his wife in a tragic train accident. This biography is the account of his life, his work, and his influence.

The Memoirs of P.P. Bliss was published in 1877, the year after P.P. Bliss' death, and is the primary reference source on his life. The original publisher was A.S. Barnes & Co., New York, Chicago, and New Orleans. The "author" and editor of the Memoir is Major D.W. Whittle.

Photographs, pictures and drawings have been incorporated into the online version of the Memoir, along with selected stories from other sources which do not appear in the original Memoir. Also included are numerous lyrics and midi files for your listening enjoyment.

Chapters 12 - 16 include many of Bliss' song lyrics and are omitted. The remaining chapters (except for 24 and 27, which are included here) contain letters, miscellaneous writings, etc. Chapter 23 contains the words and music for fourteen hymns based on lyrics found in Bliss' belongings after his death, with music by hymnwriters who knew him.

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