Gypsy Smith (1860-1947)
His Life & Work
By Himself

First Printed in 1901 in London as a 363-page book.

Rodney (Gypsy) Smith, 1860-1947, was born in a tent, raised on a Gypsy camp, never attended a school - not even for a day! - yet he influenced the lives of millions of people for God through his powerful preaching. He was converted in 1876 and, the next year, was invited by General William Booth to join him in evangelistic work. He served as an officer with the Salvation Army until 1882. He then began ministering as an itinerent evangelist working with a variety of organisations all over the world, but particularly in Britain and America.

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Table of Contents

Introduction by Rev. Dr. Alexander Maclaren
Note To My Readers
Chapter 1. Birth And Ancestry - With Some Notes Of Gipsy Customs
Chapter 2. My Mother
Chapter 3. A Mischievous Little Boy - With Something About Plums, Trousers, Rabbits, Eggs, And A Circus
Chapter 4. The Morals Of The Gipsies
Chapter 5. My Father, How He Found The Lord
Chapter 6. Old Cornelius Was Dead
Chapter 7. Christmas In The Tent - A Story Of Three Plum-Puddings
Chapter 8. The Dawning Of The Light
Chapter 9. Learning To Read And Write - Preaching To The Turnip-Field - Singing The Gospel In Tile Cottages
Chapter 10. I Become An Evangelist - The Christian Mission And Rev. William Booth - My First Frock-Coat And My First Apartments
Chapter 11. Growing Success - Work At Whitby, Sheffield, And Bolton - Meeting My Future Wife - Roman Catholic Riots
Chapter 12. Ballington Booth - My Marriage - The Chatham Fossils
Chapter 13. Hull And Derby - A Great Success And A Partial Failure
Chapter 14. Hanley - My Greatest Battlefield
Chapter 15. Dismissal From The Salvation Army
Chapter 16. Hanley Again
Chapter 17. My First Visit To America
Chapter 18. The Manchester Wesleyan Mission
Chapter 19. My Second Visit To America
Chapter 20. With The Children
Chapter 21. My Mission To The Gipsies
Chapter 22. America Again
Chapter 23. Glasgow
Chapter 24. Australia
Chapter 25. My Father And His Two Brothers
Chapter 26. London, Manchester, And Edinburgh
Chapter 27. My Fifth Visit To America
Chapter 28. Some Fresh Stories About Peter Mackenzie
Chapter 29. As The National Council's Missioner

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