Samuel Porter Jones (1847-1906), an American Methodist Evangelist was born in Alabama and reared in Cartersville, Georgia. Jones was a lawyer but was a drunkard. He trusted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, being stirred by his father's dying words. His life was dramatically changed, preaching his first sermon one week following his conversion. He went on to live a full and sober life, becoming one of the preeminent evangelists at the turn of the century. He was known for his crude wit, coarse stories, and opposition to the liquor traffic. Thousands were saved and cleansed as a result of his ministry.

Sermon Index

1. Quit Your Meanness

2. Hold the Fort

3. Eternal Punishment, Or The Logic of Damnation

4. Law and Order

5. Whosoever Will May Come

6. God's Grace is Sufficient

7. The Righteous and the Wicked

8. Why Will Ye Die?

9. The Blessedness of Religion

10. A New Creature In Christ

11. Fighting the Devil

12. The Virtue of Honesty

13. It Pays to be Righteous

14. For Men Only

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