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These online books are placed on the Internet in their entirety. Each author, or their representatives, granted us permission to put these books on our Web site. Please visit our "Articles" page for other written works on the Bible Version Controversy.

FINAL AUTHORITY: A Christian's Guide to the King James Bible By William P. Grady. This 392-page work is a definitive reference guide that is easy to grasp but thorough enough for those familiar with this important issue. Hear the author read the book in its entirety.

RIPPED OUT OF THE BIBLE By Dr. Floyd Jones. A detailed look at the way modern bible translations have omitted thousands of words in comparison to our beloved Authorized Version.

KJV 1611: PERFECT! A CONVICTION, NOT A PREFERENCE By Dr. Roy Branson, Jr. A very practical and informative book dealing with the KJV controversy. This 100-page book is in two parts.

WHICH TRANSLATION SHOULD YOU TRUST? A Defense Of The Authorized King James Version Of 1611 by Timothy S. Morton.

"THE ANSWER BOOK" Online By Dr. Samuel C. Gipp, Th. D. This work has compiled 62 questions about the Bible version controversy, complete with Bible believing answers. The entire book is online for your reading pleasure.

"AN UNDERSTANDABLE HISTORY OF THE BIBLE" Online By Dr. Samuel C. Gipp, Th. D. This book answers the questions, "Where is the Bible? How did we get it?" The previous edition containing 242-pages is online. The latest expanded and updated edition is available for ordering as well.

THE N. I. V. INFECTION A thorough examination of this popular modern translation. By Dewey W. Williams

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