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Mrs. "Honey" Grace Fuller read listener's letters during every Old Fashioned Revival Hour broadcast. It was a very popular part of the program.

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Dear Mr. Fuller,
I have always appreciated your broadcast over the air. I am only eleven years old and when I listen it just brings me, like magic, to a place of peace. My mother has gone to be with the Lord Jesus about two months ago, and it is very hard for me and my sister, but your broadcast has made us all happy, even my daddy. I was saved about three years ago in a little Sunday school, before I even knew anything about your broadcast. I am sending you ten cents, for I have very little money, but I want it to help you to carry on. Good-by and may the Lord bless you.

Dear Mr. Fuller,
I am a city-dweller now because I have a job here, and I tell you that the city is the loneliest place on earth. All week I work hard trying to please our hard-to-please boss, and sometimes by Saturday I am so discouraged and blue and homesick I would rather die than live on. But I just can't tell you what your Hour has done to me on Sunday nights as I have listened here all alone. The Bible has brought me peace and hope, and I have begun to pray and trust God that my life won't always be this way so hard and lonely and discouraging. Since I have been hearing your Hour I have found peace with God and He has saved my soul. How thankful I am that your teaching is so plain.

Dear Mr. Fuller,
In a few hours the ambulance is coming to take me home in Salisbury, where a flagged-draped casket is waiting with the remains of my only son, just returned from Europe, and where we will lay his dear body away.

I felt that I could not bear it, for my heart was broken but I turned on your program which seemed to be prepared just for me. Your choir sang "Does Jesus Care?" and then "Take your Burden to the Lord," and then "Wonderful," and then you gave such a precious message from God's Book. How it thrilled my soul when you sang,

On that happy golden shore,
Where the faithful part no more;
When the storms of life are o'er,
Meet me there.

My burden is lighter because I realize more fully that I am not going down to that service today alone, for God will be with me, to strengthen me.

My son was a pilot, and he said in one of his last letters, "I never feel alone when I am up there. When I ask God to help me, I feel a surge of calm courage." Mr. Fuller, that is what I received from your service this morning - a surge of calm courage. Thank you for the comfort your broadcast brought into my sick room at this time of great need and the consciousness it brought that God is with me, arid He cares.

Dear Dr. Fuller,
Your name and broadcast have become household words over here in Scotland, not only among Christians, but among the unsaved as well. I work deep in the mines where Christians are outnumbered easily one hundred to one. But even in the bowels of the earth, among ungodly men, I have heard your broadcast being discussed many, many times. You may rest assured you are doing a good work, bringing the gospel and the facts of eternity before men and women the world around and in places where a Christian worker cannot enter, thus reaching the unchurched.

Dear Reverend Fuller,
I've been listening to you for over a year now, and you've helped me to make many decisions. I was brought up a Catholic and I was never happy. Many things made me wonder. But a year ago last February I stopped fighting God's call and became a born-again believer in Christ.

Last September, the day I was to be baptized as a Protestant, I had some fear and some doubts, but I listened to your program that day and you spoke words that gave me grace and strength to trust and obey Christ. The Lord has been wonderful to us. Both my husband and I love Him very much. Our oldest son, nine years, asked Jesus to come into his heart; where, had we remained Catholic, it would have been so much different. Now our lives have changed greatly; where once we quarreled, now we love and are happier than in years. But every happy sky has a dark cloud, so some day God will put a silver lining in that too, for some day my Catholic parents will say that I may come home again.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the sermon you had on Easter Sunday, on the Second Coming. It touched the bottom of my heart and filled my soul to over-flowing, and I can't explain it, but I felt God's grace as I have never felt it before. I had never heard, until yesterday, that Christ would return to this earth, and I wish I could have a copy of that sermon. God bless you always, Brother Fuller.

Dear Dr. and Mrs. Fuller,
In Bermuda, where I was stationed as an officer in the Hurricane Hunter Squadron of the United States Air Force, it was our wonderful privilege, while making weather and hurricane reconnaisance flights out over the Atlantic on Sunday mornings, to tune in on the WB-29 aircraft radio compass, to the Old Fashioned Revival Hour. My, how it would thrill my heart as we rode through the storms, to listen to the message of the gospel and the grand old melodies that are so precious to me as a Christian. Of course, in most cases, I was the only Christian aboard, and, being the navigator, I was in charge of the broadcast band selection. So the whole crew had to listen, Christian and otherwise.

Several times while flying into the very center of these severe tropical disturbances called hurricanes, as I was twisting the dial of the radio the sweet voices of Mrs. Fuller and the quartet, and, of course, Dr. Fuller and the chorus choir, were heard. It would thrill me to know that, though the wild winds and the storm raged all about me, I was anchored firm in the knowledge that I was kept in peace by the perfect love of Jesus Christ, my Saviour. It was a dangerous assignment, but He carried us through safely.

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